Web site Privacy Statement

ProMicro Inc. does not use this web site to gather information on its users other than in the most generic and average sense - we do not use cookies or "web bugs" (clear gifs) or in any other way track, identify or follow an individual user's actions on this web site. We do not collect any personal information about our users through their use of this web site.

We are aware of and periodically review the normal web server-client interaction information that is recorded in our usage logs. This log records the TCP/IP address of the client requests, the particular page or file that the client has requested, the referring web page, and what user agent (type and version -including operating system and architecture or platform - of web browser or web client) has made the request.

We do not report or share any usage information to anyone else unless either we first specifically get the users permission or we are required to by some regulatory action to give the information to a regulatory agency.

Any email you send us (or anyone else) should not be considered secure unless you have taken specific steps to encrypt the information contained therein. Email should be treated as viewable by anyone as it passes through the various electronic systems (the Internet) to its recipient(s). Furthermore, due to its electronic form it can be scanned or searched for key words and phrases. Any information or files sent to ProMicro Inc. via un-encrypted email could be viewed and revealed publicly by third parties beyond our control.

This Privacy notice was last reviewed and modified 17 April 2009.

ProMicro Inc. reserves the right to change this privacy policy at anytime without any prior notification.

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